T his page is mainly for my students, but any other person is free to go through the materials here and download whatever they want.
Please note that the lecture notes were written with the limited facilities that are  available in my place of practice at the back of my mind. Ttherefore emphasis are placed on how to manage the patients optimally using the available facilities. The materials are in PDF format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download from the Adobe website.

In the table below, you will find lecture topics, please click on them to view. You may then save them on your hard drive or any removable storage device by clicking on the "save a copy" icon on the Acrobat Reader toolbar or by clicking on "File" menu and then "Save a Copy".

Download Lectures in Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Management of the acutely traumatized patient Download
Femoral shaft fractures Download
Elbow dislocations Download
Principle of fracture management Download
Acute and chronic osteomyelytis Download
Haemostasis and disorders of surgical bleeding Download
Principles of managing hand injuries Download
Leg ulcers Download
Shock Download
The foot and its disorders Download
Sutures Download
Limb deformities Download
Fractures of the upper limb Download
Hand injuries lecture Download
History taking and examination Download
Low back pain Download
Scoliosis and kyphosis Download
Sikcle cell and surgery Download
Structure and function of a teaching hospital Download
Sutures, Catheters and Drains Download
The Surgery Posting Download

Download Lectures on Research Methodology
Advanced Statistical Methods for Researchers Download
Ethics in Clinical Research Download
Pitfalls in Medical Research Download
Statistical Methods for Nurses Download
Why and How of Medical Research Download


Download Anatomy Lectures (i) Upper Limb
Anatomy: An Overview Download
The Upper Limb: An Overview Download
Anatomy of the shoulder girdle Download
The Axilla Download
The Brachial Plexus Download
The Arm Download
The Elbow Download
Anatomy of the anterior compartment of the forearm Download
Anatomy of the posterior compartment of the forearm Download
The Hand I Download
The Hand II Download


Download Anatomy Lectures (ii) Lower Limb
Bones of the lower limb Download
The Hip Joint Download
The Gluteal Region Download
The Thigh Download
The Knee Download
The Leg Download
The Ankle Download
The Foot Download



Download Anatomy Lectures (iii) The Abdomen
The Anterior Abdominal Wall Download
The Inguinal region Download
The Peritoneum Download
The stomach and the abdominal esophagus Download
The Spleen Download
The jejunum and the ileum Download
The Pancreas Download
The Posterior abdominal wall Download
The Large Intestine Download
The liver Download



Download Anatomy Lectures (iv) The Pelvis and the Perineum
Introduction to the pelvis and the pelvic peritoneum Download
The Bladder Download
The Male and Female Internal Genitalia Download
The Female and Male External Genitalia diya Download
The Perineum Download
Pelvic radiology Download
Applied anatomy of the pelvis Download



Download Anatomy Lectures (v) The Chest
Osteology of the chest Download
Anatomy of the Pleura Download
The chest wall including the diaphragm Download
The Breast Download
External anatomy of the lungs Download

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