Orthopedic & Trauma Quiz

Objective: You must answer 7 questions correctly to proceed to the next level

1. One of this is not useful in managing fractures


2. What is the most common organism implicated in Acute Osteomyelitis in in patients with Sickle Cell Disease?

S. aureus
H. influenzae
E. coli
C. tetani

3. What is the first priority in the resusctation of an unconscious patient?

Shake the patient
Maintain an open airway
Ensure breathing
Stop bleeding

4. Prophylactic antibiotic is given for which type of wound?.

Dirty wounds
Clean wounds
Contaminated wounds
All wounds

5. Bankart Lesions are seen in which condition?

Posterior dislocation of the shoulder
Anterior dislocation of the elbow
Reccurrent dislocation of the patella
Reccurrent dislocation of the shoulder

6. Intramedullary nails are

Load shedding implants
Load sparing implants
Load sharing implants
All of the above

7. In Gustillo-Anderson stage IIIC, there is injury to

Major Nerve
Major Vein
Major Artery
Muscle Group

8. Angular deformity of the knee in Nigeria is usually due to one of the following

Fracture Malunion

9. Colles's fractures are most commonly seen in 

Elderly men
Young women
Elderly women

10. Osteonecrosis of the femoral head is caused by all the following EXCEPT

Osgood Slater's disease
Sickle Cell disease
Perthe's disease
Caisson's disease


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