The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)
Opposite Ife City Bus Stop Ile-Ife. Nigeria.

The RCCG, Dominion Parish is the area headquarters of the Dominion Area. - The Dominion Parish is carrying out its part in the quest by the RCCG to evangelize the whole world.
Weekly Activities
Digging deep is central to the RCCG’s wish to increase the knowledge of the Word among the congregation. Topics are selected and exhaustively studied during these sessions. Incisive question are asked and answered. Practical applications of such topics to everyday events are also made. The Area pastor usually takes such programs.
Turning point is a program that was instituted by the Holy Spirit for those who wants a change for the better in their everyday life. It is a spiritually empowering program that turns sorrows into joy
Faith Clinic: The consultant here is Dr Jesus Christ and the patient is our faith. In this program our faith is strengthened by injections of spiritual medicine from the bible, prayers and songs.
Sunday programs
Church Departments
Social Activities

The excellent men regularly organises social activities. We have heard a seminar where financial and economic empowerment and revitalization was discussed.

Similarly, we went to Erin-Ijesha water falls for a picnic. Erin-Ijesa is a picturesque waterfall that has seven levels.The pictures we took there can be found here. As well, the sendforth service for Pastors Ilesanmi, Ariyo and Adeboye who were recently transfered to other parishes in the photo gallery. It also contains snippets of the Children's week program held in july 2005.

The Scriptural Tracks