Hello Folks, You may be wondering why I had the background color of my web page changed to this; everything was so monotonous that I just had to put in a dash of color.

My husband (bless his not so gentle soul) have said some things about me on his web page. Can you imagine that after spending 4 years in the University sweating to acquire a degree, I have not used the certificate for even a single day since I finished the National Youth Service way back in 1999. That's the reason why I had to pick up my pens and papers again and head back to the university to have a go at it again. So here I am sweating it out at the Demography and Social Statistics department of that so called African most beautiful campus, OAU Ile-Ife trying to understand why the human race has ballooned from a few millions to a few billions all within a few millenia to the point of threatening the very survival of the human race. Lest I forget, I have already picked the title of my project and I am currently trying to browbeat it into an acceptable format for my supervisor, Prof. Adewuyi, bless his soul.

Update: I got the celeberated MSc. degree in Demography & Social Statistics, went to work awhile at COPINE, a Federal Government Parastatal at OAU, left the organization because of some shenanigans by the then Director-General (that's another story entirely! and I'm going to give a good gist one of these days), and I,m currently pursuing an M.Phil degree in the same course, at the same university. Wish me luck.

And may be Kehinde also mentioned that I have this belief (He says its a delusion, what do you expect from a doctor!) that I am the best thing that has happened to tailoring (beg your pardon, fashion designing) since Yves St Laurent or some other such pretenders. Well, I am into making cloths, especially the native adaptations of some popular cuts. I am not making any money on this yet, but who knows, in the future I may. Go here to see some of the cloths.

Hey, if you've persevered this long, you need to be given an award for patience. so have fun and have a nice time going through my husbands' bric-a-brac.

For those who wish to have a look at my CV, have a peek at it here


Like many women of my generation, I love pictures and I am going to put some of them on this page from time to time. On this page you'll find the pictures I really like a lot, mainly for sentimental reasons. On the Photo Gallery page, you'll find the rest.

The first is there for obvious reasons: it's very old, taken when I was very young. It used to be one of my Grandma's (Mama Eleja) keepsake, but it's come back to me after she went to join the Lord.

This is my husband, circa age 7. Check that smile out Really like this picture! Isn't he cute?

This is one of our wedding pictures; my husband's favourite, but not my own...I guess it has to do with the mouth. But I love the frame he put around it....said he did it with Ulead PhotoExpress.

I always feel cool whenever I see this one. It was taken during at our engagement. I have sometimes wonder why he has that smile on his face even though he was postrating; I guess its probably he knew the prize he was going to get at the end of everything: ME!
For other pictures with cool effects, please go to the photogallery and have fun.